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    Improving energy management while reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions

    ISO 50001 Certification Management & Planning

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    You want your enterprise to be more sustainable and more efficient with the energy it uses, but there are many directions you can go. ISO 50001 certification is a logical, and sometimes mandatory, route to take if you have all the internal resources necessary to accomplish and maintain certification. However, you must consider your staff competencies and whether they have the expertise required to fulfill the ISO 50001 obligations.
    • Solutions

      Whether your goal is to become more sustainable, use less resources (including energy, waste, water, fuel), buy energy more effectively or all of the above, Schneider Electric is the only partner that can help you with everything that you need. As part of the strategic planning process, you will be assigned a Schneider Electric single point of contact. Together with you and the appropriate Schneider Electric team members, we will identify your goals, energy risk tolerances, action plans and schedules for your program during the rollout campaign.
    • Value Proposition

      • Setting up a robust management system that drives continual improvement.
      • Reinforcing corporate brand as one that is sustainable and environmentally responsible.
      • Taking a proactive approach to energy management to get ahead of future government or market-driven requirements.
    • Differentiation

      • Schneider Electric’s capabilities in ISO 50001 certification are unmatched in the marketplace in approach flexibility and implementation experience.
      • Schneider Electric’s world headquarters in Paris, France, The Hive, was the first ISO 500001 certified site, globally. Since 2011, Schneider Electric has begun the process of certifying all its facilities and as of early 2015 has obtained certification for more than 80. Schneider Electric utilizes the lessons learned during certification of our own facilities to improve your ISO 50001 consulting engagement and certification experience.
    Niezależnie od wieku Twoich urządzeń, mamy w ofercie odpowiedni zakres usług serwisowych zawierających konserwację, zdalną diagnostykę, części zamienne, szkolenia, modernizacje oraz doradztwo techniczne. A cała oferta jest skorelowana z 5 głównymi fazami cyklu życia posiadanej instalacji. Pracownik i kierownik w magazynie
    A successful implementation of the ISO 50001 standard depends on commitment from all levels and functions of the enterprise as the organization establishes an energy policy. Consistent processes and procedures are critical to the support of the program, while continuous exploration and improvement will continue to drive your effective energy policy forward.


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      Be challenged to view energy and sustainability issues strategically, ensuring that all decisions support the financial and operational integrity of every store, warehouse, facility and building.
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      Leverage the Schneider Electric team as an extension of your organizational chart that will provide leadership for your entire energy and sustainability management program.
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      Implement a structured, energy management program with a scalable, standardized approach that increases engagement, accountability and drives continuous energy performance improvement at all levels of the organization.
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