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    Global Data Services

    Enabling Your Data to Work Harder and Smarter for You

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    Kompletne i bezbłędne dane jako podstawa mądrych decyzji.
    Prawdopodobnie do Twojego przedsiębiorstwa napływa mnóstwo danych wymagających uwagi. Samo ich zbieranie, porządkowanie i podstawowa weryfikacja mogą przyprawić o ból głowy, ale na tym nie koniec — jak bowiem uzyskać pewność, że dane te są bezbłędne i kompletne?
    • Solutions

      By leading you to the customized data solution that is right for our organization, Schneider Electric empowers your team to make more informed energy and sustainability decisions. Most importantly, your energy and resource data collection can be streamlined so that your internal teams can focus on other areas of their business. Rely on Schneider Electric to offer alternatives in how your data and invoices are managed, collected, paid and validated.
    • Value Proposition

      • Collect, aggregate and validate data on a common platform, StruxureWare Resource Advisor, so your enterprise has one place to look for all its data. 
      • Discover and resolve billing errors on your behalf and work to prevent future errors by proactively communicating with utilities and suppliers to resolve common issues before they happen again. 
      • Ensure your bills are paid on time, reducing late fees and the time it takes for your internal team to process energy and resource invoices each month.
    • Differentiation

      • Schneider Electric has a global data team focused on solving each one of our client’s data challenges. Leverage their experience and expertise to improve your data program. 
      • Our team processes more than 500,000 invoices each month in 40 languages across 130 countries using 85 currencies. The methods and processes we use are time-tested and scalable to take on your data challenges, no matter how complex or difficult.
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    Schneider Electric specializes in recommending and implementing custom-fit data management solutions for companies in a wide array of industries. To simplify the process for you, our team completely coordinates the on-boarding process and ensures the integrity of your data program throughout the life of our partnership with you.


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      Reduce the time and effort required of your internal teams by relying on Schneider Electric for your data collection, auditing, processing and invoice payment.
    • biznesmeni patrzący na tabele i laptopy, którzy porównują dane dotyczące zarządzania energią

      Capture the information required for environmental and carbon reporting as well as usage and load data needed for electricity, fuel and natural gas purchasing.
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      Save money by reducing late fees and lowering invoice processing costs. 
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