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    Invoice Payment Support

    Simplifying Utility Bill Payment and Saving More

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    Schneider Electric can provide an outsourced accounting solution used to reduce cost and provide controls to the bill payment process. This comprehensive payment support model may include Schneider Electric directing invoice payment to vendors, or provision of a payment file for the customer to make payment directly.
    • Solutions

      Schneider Electric can bring visibility to your energy and sustainability program by collecting, cataloging, and summarizing your company’s global invoices and data streams. We make each data set and bill image accessible through our energy management and sustainability software, StruxureWare Resource Advisor, which enables you to view data at any level and through any lens.
    • Value Proposition

      • Replace multiple complicated billing practices with a more streamlined and manageable process. Your accounting staff can make a single payment to a utility bill management provider instead of multiple vendor payments.
      • Provide a solid data set within Schneider Electric’s database through StruxureWare Resource Advisor, for use in financial and operational reporting.
    • Differentiation

      • Our team processes more than 500,000 invoices each month in 40 languages across 130 countries using 85 currencies. The methods and processes we use are time-tested and scalable to take on your bill payment challenges.
    Two business people looking at tablet, sustainability consulting, internet of things.
    Implementing a data management solution will allow you to be confident in the data your teams have come to rely on to conduct business. As transparency into corporate energy and sustainability metrics move from a luxury to a requirement, most businesses will be required to collect, aggregate and report on this data. Implement a dynamic enterprise-wide solution now to prepare for the fundamental shift that is inevitably in our future.


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      Bring clarity to your invoice payment process and enjoy savings, simplicity and higher quality data.
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      Reduce late fees and lower invoice processing costs.
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      Expedite the cumbersome data collection process and ensure bills are paid correctly and timely.
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