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      Balancing energy cost risk and reward

      Strategic Energy Sourcing Services

      • Comparing wholesale and retail energy options

        Discover how a cloud platform can collect and aggregate corporate data for analysis, enabling efficiency and reduced costs.

      • Driving budget certainty

        A global data center with 100+ sites needed accurate forecasts of its operational expenses, even in the face of premium fees from its power provider. Our creative approach not only delivered budget certainty while avoiding premium charges, but also drove $5.8 million in savings in Singapore. A similar strategy has since been implemented in the U.S., the U.K. and Australia.

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      • Delivering comprehensive sourcing services

        Eight years ago, a world leader in convenient snacks, foods and beverages turned its complex and evolving energy program over to Schneider Electric. Since then, we’ve combined energy procurement, tariff analysis, budget development and online energy reporting to drive millions in cost savings: nearly $7 million last year alone.

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      • Identifying savings opportunities in any environment

        An international mining company’s electricity costs increased 110% over a five-year period. To control costs and deliver savings, our analysts vetted suppliers in the market to find a reliable partner. In collaboration with the supplier and the client, Schneider Electric opened up the Michigan market and delivered more than $30 million in annual savings to its client, a whopping 20% savings on a nearly $150 million electricity spend.

        Mining industry, Workers by excavation machinery in Spain
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        Dysponujesz ograniczoną ilością czasu i zasobów, które możesz przeznaczyć na zarządzanie energią. Twoim głównym celem jest ograniczenie – a przynajmniej utrzymanie — corocznych kosztów zużycia energii, ale wiesz, że tu chodzi o coś więcej. Potrzebne Ci są korzystne umowy na dostawę energii elektrycznej, ale nie wiesz, kiedy wejść na rynek. Chcesz lepiej zrozumieć istniejące szanse na optymalizację efektywności energetycznej i spokojnie zaplanować przyszły budżet.
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        Energy sourcing solutions

        Energy sourcing services designed to discover opportunity, uncover savings and recover cost

        Why work with us

        • Domyślny tekst alternatywny Cost avoidance and saving Uncover savings opportunities everywhere. We drive measurable savings through: advantageous buying options based on market timing and supplier (deregulated markets), and the most favorable rates (regulated markets).
        • Domyślny tekst alternatywny Budget assurance Data defeats doubt. Past and present energy costs must be carefully considered to accurately budget for the future. We use a data-drive approach to develop energy budgets that deliver precision and build confidence.


        • Domyślny tekst alternatywny 8,089 TWh: Amount of electricity consumed in the U.S. in 2013
        • Domyślny tekst alternatywny 13%: Percentage of U.S. power generation represented by renewable energy
        • Domyślny tekst alternatywny 31%: Portion of overall U.S. natural gas consumption used by the electricity sector to produce power
        • Domyślny tekst alternatywny 10: Number of states participating in carbon emission auctions. 35 states have renewable portfolio standards (RPS) legislation.
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