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    Diverse Reporting Solutions for Any Need

    Organizational Footprint

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    Get the entire picture

    Understanding your organizational footprint can be a daunting task. Calculating GHG emissions, environmental, and sustainability impacts can be difficult to manage for organizations of any size. Finding an accurate, ongoing solution is critical for any organization wishing to identify and capture all of their impacts.

    • Solutions

      Our Organizational Footprint process can help your company with one-time inventory projects or through on-going collection and reporting. An organizational footprint can be narrow in scope and fairly automated to more robust GHG, environmental, or broader sustainability reporting. Our solutions leverage our award winning Resource Advisor platform to manage environmental, social and other material aspects of sustainability.
    • Value Proposition

      Organizational footprint engagements enable clients to report to their stakeholders in a manner that is consistent, efficient, and accurate. Our automated reporting and calculation enables scale, while our sustainability expertise navigates more difficult and complex calculations required for accurate footprinting of emissions and other sustainability aspects/impacts.
    • Differentiation

      Our technology platform, Resource Advisor, provides best-in-class data collection capabilities, a global library of emission factors, more than 900 pre-configured data streams, and managed support via trained specialists.


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      Confirmation of correct emission factors applied to data
      GHG reports based on fuel and electricity usage
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      Establishment of an inventory management plan
      Activity data beyond energy/utility data
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      Ongoing sustainability analyst support
      Advisement on alignment to key reporting platforms (GRI, DJSI, and others)
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