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    Monitoring the condition of electrical equipment provides trending data to help anticipate and plan maintenance activities.

    Predictive Maintenance Technologies

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        Brochure: Infrared Viewing Windows

        Make Infrared Inspections without Disturbing Operations and Comply with NFPA 70E Requirements Read More
      • Read more about Schneider Electric solutions

        Handout: Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

        The Wireless Temperature Monitoring System (WTMS) provides continual temperature monitoring of critical connection points in electrical equipment, which provides the means to evaluate the equipment’s current condition and detect abnormalities at an early stage. Read More
      • Read more about Schneider Electric solutions

        Brochure: Reduce Electrical Equipment Breakdowns

        Maximize Electrical Reliability with Maintenance and Testing Services from Schneider Electric
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      White Paper: Enhance Power Equipment Reliability with Predictive Maintenance Technologies

      Often referred to as condition-based maintenance, predictive maintenance tools monitor the condition of in-service equipment, either continuously (online) or at periodic intervals. Disruptions to facility operations can be reduced, since many predictive maintenance technologies are performed on in-service equipment. Learn more

      White Paper: Understanding Maintenance Contracts and Requirements for Low-Voltage Power Distribution Equipment

      Facility managers often complain that the final results of their desired maintenance contracts do not meet up with their intended expectations. This paper will provide a brief summary of common issues involving facilities managers and the selected electrical maintenance service contractor. It also includes a summary of items that should be incorporated into a maintenance check list, to help keep expectations in line with the desires of the intended maintenance contract. Learn more

      White Paper: Service Plans Enhance the Benefits of Preventive Maintenance Programs

      Preventive maintenance programs are typically transaction based and equipment focused. Service plans expand upon preventive maintenance programs and add value by focusing on the electrical system. Download this white paper for more information. Learn more

      White Paper: Improper Lubricant Selection - A Slippery Slope

      In an industrial setting, lubrication may seem to be a small part of a comprehensive preventive maintenance program. However, lack of proper lubrication may play a big role in equipment downtime. Learn more
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      • Video: Advantage Service Plans from Schneider Electric

        Having an Advantage Service Plan in place mitigates your risk of downtime and unexpected repair costs, providing you with peace of mind. These fixed-rate plans take the guess-work out of budgeting since there are no hidden charges. In addition, billing can be structured to provide a fixed-payment schedule.
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