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    Electrical Equipment Modernization and Upgrade Solutions

    Spending too much time and money on aging equipment?

    • Hope Creek Generating Station

      The circuit breakers at this 1,219 MW nuclear power plant had been in use since the facility opened in 1986. After carefully evaluating all options, including whether to refurbish the existing circuit breakers or opt for a total replacement, the decision was made to modernize the existing switchgear with new Masterpact NW direct replacement circuit breakers.

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    • Retrofill Project Modernizes Electrical Distribution for Auto Manufacturer

      Facilities personnel were concerned about a lengthy and costly downtime because of outdated switchgear. The two primary switchgear lineups were installed in the early 1950s. Though still operational, the age of the circuit breakers connected to the 2,000 amp bus in both lineups, along with the elevator-like system used to remove them from the switchgear for maintenance, increased risk for the plant’s electricians.

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    • Switchgear Survival Guide: Ten Tips to Enhance Electrical Reliability

      Facility managers now have another option to consider for the repair vs. replace dilemma. Capabilities exist to modernize and extend the life of the active components, i.e., circuit breakers, while leaving the existing switchgear structure intact. Read the white paper for more information.

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      Facility managers are often faced with the choice of maintaining an aging (or obsolete) electrical installation or replacing it with new equipment to take advantage of current technology. Even equipment that has been well-maintained may need additional upkeep or upgrades. Factors to consider include the operating environment, availability of spare parts, reliability, and the cost of ongoing maintenance.
      Business people in hard-hats walking on factory floor with lots of machines, power management, plant solutions.

      Any brand. Any industry. Any time.

      Modernization solutions from Schneider Electric will upgrade your existing electrical distribution equipment to current technology.

      Why work with Schneider Electric

      • Ikona oferowanych korzyści Less Downtime for Installation Downtime is minimized when compared with the demolition and replacement of existing equipment.
      • Ikona oferowanych korzyści Enhances Reliability and Reduces Operating Costs Upgrading to current technology reduces the need to search for difficult to obtain spare parts.


      • Domyślny tekst alternatywny Our modernization solutions are an economical alternative to purchasing new equipment.
      • Domyślny tekst alternatywny Our nationwide network of field service representatives are qualified, as defined by OSHA and NFPA 70E®, and have the expertise to work on any manufacturer's equipment.
      • Domyślny tekst alternatywny Schneider Electric receives over 50 "Operational Excellence" safety awards from the National Safety Council each year.
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